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AC Hotel by Marriott, Portland, OR

Property Details

192 rooms, 12 suites
13 floors

Product Installed

Three iQ751’s

Installed Capacity

2,250,000 BTU/hr
Zero Gallons storage


Engineering Firm - PAE Consulting Engineers
Contractor - TCM

A new way to “hotel” aligns with a new way to heat water!

The Pacific Northwest leads the country in creating more sustainable environments. PAE Consulting Engineers and Columbia Hydronics teamed up to design this new AC Hotel around Intellihot’s equipment and did away with inefficient storage tanks. The property will realize energy savings because the equipment only heats water on demand. This small footprint was a strong value proposition for the hotel.

The design of AC Hotels focuses on a beautiful stay and a fabulous guest experience with locations in major urban markets. The AC Hotel in downtown Portland, OR captures the essence of the Portland lifestyle with an added European flair. The property opened for business in February 2017 and the system was installed by TCM, a well-respected Mechanical Firm in Portland.

"I like that the Intellihot system is only heating the water we use in contrast to the old method of continually heating stored water. The Intellihot system maintains very tight temperature control and that is something we don’t see in boiler/storage tank systems."
- Steve Morates, Chief Building Engineer

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The Challenge

The common method of heating stored water has always been largely inefficient and the property’s managers wanted sustainability at this location. This new hotel was looking for a green design that would keep operating expenses down, yet still meet demand at full occupancy.

The Intellihot Solution

Three iQ751’s provide the property with the efficiency and sustainability for which it was searching. The units are designed to handle the highest demands in commercial applications while eliminating the need for storage. Without a tank, the hotel’s mechanical room also gains valuable square footage.

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